Best Google webmaster and Google dork tricks

Webmasters use google dorks to check ranking of websites in google search engine. Some white hat hackers and black hat hackers are also use advanced google dorks to find the exact information from google indexed pages.

Google site: dork tricks World wide web (www) has doing lot of changes in our daily life. Information technology made our life simple and good. Smartphones changed every human activities. So its very important to learn some cool tricks on daily basics.
Example of Google DORKS used by GOOGLE webmasters
If you need the count of indexed webpages means, just type the below command in google search bar, it will show the cached and indexed links of your website.
Note: your indexed links will increase high search engine visibility. if your website is not indexed means just sign up to google webmaster account and index your site by adding google site map.

Some hackers uses google dorks for pirated software
" filetype: " is a google dorks used …
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